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Seven Reasons to Choose Upstate Hearing Center

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#1 – We Lead with Education

Our primary focus is on how the brain is working as opposed to how you hear. Don’t get us wrong, our concern is hearing but the brain function is the most important component of what we focus on here at Upstate.

It’s why we work with you to help you to understand what is happening, and empower you with education to be informed and educated on every step and every decision in the process.

#2 - Respected Team of Hearing Care Experts

Between Dr. Wright, Dr. Cummins, and Daniel Hewson, you’ll have a team of some of the most advanced and respected hearing care experts in South Carolina.

By working with a team that have helped tens of thousands of other people to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for, you can ensure that you’re in the best hands possible to achieve a lifetime of better hearing.

#3 - Trusted by Local Physicians

With a national reputation for defining industry-leading best practices, we are the trusted hearing care experts that many local physicians and medical professionals turn to for advice, support and help.

#4 - In Network With All Major Insurances

By being in network with all major insurance providers, we can help you to maximize your benefits to get the best possible level of hearing care and hearing aid technology.

If you’re unsure if your insurance covers you for hearing care, then you can check your insurance benefits by clicking here.

#5 – “Red Carpet” Treatment

We’re much more than great hearing care! You’ll be working with a team of people that truly care, that turn patients into friends and that you’ll look forward to seeing at your next appointment!

This is not a mundane and sterile medical environment – it’s advanced hearing healthcare with heart and soul!

#6 – Access to All Levels of Hearing Technology

Unlike many hearing care clinics, we make a big effort to not limit ourselves to working with one manufacturer. This means that we can help you to find the right technology based on your unique circumstances, needs and budget without any limitations.

It’s why many local people choose us to find the right solution.

#7 - Best In Class Testing

There’s no shortage of places to have a hearing test in today’s world, whether online or at your local big box store But in the same way that you wouldn’t trust the internet or a retail employee to diagnose a complex medical challenge, it’s important that your hearing is tested comprehensively to the highest of standards.

The problem with most hearing tests is they solely look for a granular answer to whether or not you have a hearing loss, yet by having a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation, you can look beyond whether you have a hearing loss and instead explore why you’re struggling to hear and what your options truly are.

Our testing follows all the industry best practices to ensure that your hearing health is what receives our attention, not the surface-level question of if you’re a candidate for hearing aids.

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