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The Ways We Can Help

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Repair Service for Your
Hearing Aids

Our in-office repair service allows you to have your device in proper working order as soon as possible. We can do most maintenance and simple repairs in our office, but we partner with most major hearing aid manufacturers so we can send more severely damaged units to them for repair.

Existing hearing aids patients receive this service as part of our regular follow-up care, but we also provide repair service to hearing aid wearers who are not our patients at a reasonable price. Be sure to keep in mind that we’ll use FedEx or DHL to send and receive your hearing aids from the manufacturer, which will be included in the cost of repair.

Loaner Hearing Aids
During Repair

While your device is away being repaired, we provide you with a loaner hearing aid or pair of hearing aids, so you won’t be without. We make a wide range of in-the-ear, in-the-canal, and powerful behind-the-ear devices available so we can provide you with a device that is similar to the one you wear.

Our loaner might not fit or sound exactly like your own device, but in a pinch, it is good to have something to get you through until your instrument is ready.

Hearing aid repair service for all major hearing aid brands in Greenville

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There is no need to continue struggling with your hearing aid or abandoning it altogether if it isn’t working quite right.

Keep enjoying the enhanced quality of life and benefits of your hearing device by taking advantage of the maintenance and repair service offer by our hearing aid technicians.

Whether your device, or that of a loved one, needs a minor tune-up, regular maintenance or extensive repair, get it back in working order by scheduling a hearing aid repair appointment using the adjacent form.

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