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Myths And Facts About


MYTH #1 – “My ears produce too much earwax!”

FACT: Actually, your body knows how much earwax to produce in order to keep your ears healthy. When you clean them too often, your body may misinterpret the reduced amount of earwax as a signal to produce more wax.

MYTH #2 – “Cotton swabs are the best way to remove earwax.”

FACT: Though better than a needle or a toothpick, cotton swabs prove to do more harm than good when it comes to removing earwax. In fact, they are among the most common causes of impacted earwax.

MYTH #3 – “Online tutorials show me how to remove my own earwax.”

FACT: If you’re looking for a recipe, learning how to build a deck, or painting pottery, online tutorials can be very helpful. However, when it comes to medical practices and your health, online tutorials may have short-term benefits but can cause long-term damage.

MYTH #4 – “My ears will fix themselves.”

FACT: Your ears will fix themselves, but not if they have become blocked. When that happens, you will not enjoy any relief from the symptoms of impacted earwax until you seek the help of a hearing care professional.

How Does Earwax Removal Work?

Here’s what you can expect at an earwax removal appointment with us:

#1 – A Friendly Conversation

We want to know exactly what you’re experiencing as well as get a better understanding of the history of your hearing before we jump to conclusions. We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy better ear health by answering your questions and concerns as well as offering the right hearing care solutions.

#2 – Ear Inspection

We’ll use various instruments and pieces of equipment to determine what’s going on inside your ear canal, locate the blockage, and determine the best approach to removing it.

#3 – No More Earwax

Using techniques like an Earigator, Head Loop, or manual removal, we’ll work toward getting rid of the blockage in your ear. A small syringe with water inserted gently into your ear is usually enough to loosen the earwax and allow it to come out, but in some cases, we’ll use a curette (small scoop with a long thin handle) to remove stubborn blockages.

#4 – And It’s All Done

Once the blockage is gone, you’ll feel instant relief from the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.,

Earwax removal expert cleaning ear of a female patient

Before and After The Removal of Earwax

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If wax buildup is making it difficult for you or a loved one to hear or is causing pain, dizziness, or other issues, then we are here to help.

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