Auracast Technology: What Does It Mean for the Future of Hearing Aids?

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Industry News

Have you been to a concert, conference, or other large place full of people recently—and been immediately overwhelmed with how bad your hearing becomes when surrounded by people?

You’re not alone—94 percent of participants in a UK survey by Hear It reported poor experiences in theaters and concert halls. While there are ways to get around the bad experiences, these systems often come with limitations.

Enter Auracast—“the next generation of Bluetooth.”

Supported by Bluetooth LE audio (Bluetooth 5.2), a low-energy Bluetooth standard that was introduced in 2022, Auracast comes from Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group). Many are claiming it’s the next generation of Bluetooth technology.

With Auracast, the possibility of streaming to larger audiences is much more feasible. Conference centers, transport systems, places of worship, and movie theaters have the chance to stream audio to large crowds at a fraction of the price of traditional assisted listening systems (ALS).

What Are the Main Benefits of Auracast?

Auracast comes with a slew of incredible perks.

Using a smart device, you can share your audio with multiple listeners with compatible devices; conference calls and meetings can be arranged with ease.

Devices with LE audio can help you hear muted TVs in bars, waiting rooms, gyms, airport lounges, and other transportation systems, so you won’t miss your bus because you couldn’t hear the announcement!

Auracast broadcast audio can help those with hearing aids improve their listening experiences in public spaces. Multi-language support is also available to employ a simulcast of a different language.

Auracast is also less expensive than loop systems—there’s a good chance it’ll be deployed in more locations, so you won’t have to go without strong, clear hearing, no matter where you are.

What Does Auracast Mean for the Hearing Aid Industry?

From nights out at concerts to conference calls at your day job, listening to and retaining important information has never been easier than with Auracast’s help.

Right now, hearing aid users need their smartphones for a go-between, but with Auracast, the option for direct audio streaming will not only be possible, it’ll be accessible with just the touch of a button.

Let Professional Hearing Care Help You

With the revolutionary Auracast tech from Bluetooth, the possibilities for hearing aid wearers and cochlear implant users are seemingly endless!

Get ready for stronger hearing and a more enjoyable listening experience with connectivity and streaming abilities that will help you rejoin the conversation and hear your life clearly once more.

To learn more about Auracast, or professional hearing care in general, please feel free to contact our office at (864) 999-0261. If you have questions that you’d like answered first, you can always request a callback and a member of our team will get in touch with more information.

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