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Greenville Audiologist Shares His Opinion on Oticon More Hearing Aids

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Patient Resources, Technology

The pace of hearing aid technology progress is rapid these days. Unless you’re following the field closely, it’s tough to keep up. This article should help you understand the remarkable features of the latest hearing aids.

The brand and model I recommend most right now is Oticon More™, the latest flagship hearing aid family from Oticon. This latest model takes the company’s unique amplification approach, BrainHearing, to the next level. BrainHearing™ creates a 360-degree soundscape so you can focus on your desired sound target.

The BrainHearing™ philosophy allows you to listen to all aspects of the soundscape before honing in on specific sounds, such as speech.

So how does it work?

BrainHearing™ uses directional microphones and noise reduction systems to reduce external sounds, but not as much as other hearing aids do. Oticon feels this allows for a more natural hearing experience thanks to the 360-degree soundscape.

Oticon More Gets Smarter Over Time Thanks to DNN

It gets better the longer you use it, too.

That’s because Oticon More also uses machine learning on a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to continue to improve its sound recognition across any listening environment.

This network on a Polaris chip powers the DNN to recognize 12 million real-life sounds.

It might be the best technology today to help you hear as well as possible in a 360-degree environment.

The Oticon More also excels at connectivity. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to link up with most modern smartphones.

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That includes future Android devices employing Bluetooth’s new LE Audio protocol and devices with Android 10 and Bluetooth 5.0 via Android’s new Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) protocol. It also supports recent iPhones, of course. So how do you control all this functionality?

A Full Set of Apps Provides Maximum Convenience and Control

The Oticon On app serves as the central hub for controlling your Oticon hearing aids. You can adjust the volume, switch between sound programs, check your battery level, and adjust the EQ for streaming audio.

It’s just like a remote control that’s stored on your smartphone.

You can also use the app to do all of the following:

  • Your phone can become a remote microphone (that’s very handy if you leave it close to the main speaker or sound source)
  • You can access tinnitus relief sounds (great for relieving stress)
  • You can control other wireless accessories like the EduMic or ConnectClip if you choose to purchase them for added functionality
  • You can set personalized listening goals
  • You can allow your hearing aids to trigger Internet of things (IoT) devices
  • You can receive notifications on your hearing aids from IoT devices

One more interesting app you should know about: Oticon More is fully compatible with Oticon’s new RemoteCare app.

The RemoteCare app lets you connect with your hearing care provider remotely from your own home. You can receive counseling sessions and hearing aid tweaks without the traffic and office trip.

Oticon More is not only rechargeable, it’s also easy to charge.

The new portable and stylish SmartCharger lets you enjoy life on the go while keeping your Oticon More powered up, dry, and protected.

Place the hearing aids in the charger at night, and wake up to full power for the day.

  • No power outlet needed: SmartCharger recharges Oticon More for up to three full charges until you’re able to plug it into the power grid (that’s great for long trips or trips into remote areas)
  • Quick charge option: the 30-minute quick charge gives you six hours of power
  • Long-term maintenance boost: the drying function automatically removes any moisture buildup and ensures your hearing aids require as little maintenance as possible

The Oticon More is a high-tech hearing aid designed to support your brain.

Whether your hearing loss is mild or more severe, Oticon More hearing aids will help you live a happier and more sociable life.

Would You Like to Try an Oticon More Hearing Aid?

Because I’m confident the Oticon More can meet your needs, I recommend it to qualified patients looking for premium hearing aids.

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Daniel Hewson, M.S. Audiology/Owner

Born and raised in Western New York, Dan Hewson comes to our practice with over 25 years of experience in the field. With a master’s degree in audiology from SUNY Fredonia, Mr. Hewson has extensive experience working in several of the largest Otolaryngology practices in the country, and also as a Regional Manager with Siemens Medical Audiology Division. Father, husband and full time employee with us, Dan is currently a student working to earn his doctorate in audiology. Dan was naturally attracted to the field of audiology because he grew up with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. He has followed hearing aid development, research and rehabilitation. If you want to know what hearing impairment is really about and how hearing devices can change your life, Dan Hewson is the one to ask. He’s been wearing hearing aids since childhood (44 years) and has an intimate understanding of the hearing impaired. His personal hearing device story is fascinating and illuminating for anyone, but especially for those who may be hesitant about the hearing rehabilitation process.

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