James Porter

James Porter, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Upstate Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Instrument Specialist

James grew up in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He has been a hearing instrument specialist for ten years and absolutely loves his work. James is always striving to learn more and change to better help and serve his patients.

His main responsibility is to take care of all his patients’ hearing loss needs. James performs full hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid cleaning and checks, and much more. His ultimate goal is to help patients hear the best they can through the team’s help.

James likes working at Upstate Hearing because the team gets to be themselves and be real – there’s “no hidden doors.” This makes a big difference with taking care of other people no matter their needs.

He truly loves the people he works with. As a team, everyone helps each other to figure anything out that needs to be done. They pick each other up and get past any obstacles.

James can’t really pinpoint one particular success story, because he says his success story is ongoing. Since joining the Upstate team, James feels that they are truly helping people hear better and bettering lives through hearing help. James plans to continue this success story until his career is over.

James has been married for 13 years to his wife Amanda—who he’s known since he was ten years old—and they have three children. Together, they love the outdoors and traveling. James also enjoys cooking on the grill and working with his hands. There’s always a project that keeps him busy when he’s not working or with family. He considers himself outgoing and always tries to do his best to help others.

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