Diana Robidoux

Diana Robidoux, Medical Assistant at Upstate Hearing Aid Center

Medical Assistant

Diana lived in Muskegon, MI until she was 15, and then she lived in Greenville, SC for 11 years. She attended both Oakridge High School and Wade Hampton High School.

As our medical assistant, Diana’s workday involves managing the schedule, handling phone calls, and invoicing all of the front desk duties.
Additional responsibilities include scheduling patients’ future appointments,
ordering hearing aids, confirming appointments, adding insurance, and much more.

Diana’s favorite thing about being a part of the Upstate Hearing team is how it feels like a family here in audiology. She also says she loves working for Dan and Cynthia because they are amazing people to work for.

Diana has a knack for remembering patients’ names, so when they come in for their appointment, they light up and are so happy she knows who they are.

Outside of the clinic, Diana enjoys spending time with her family and going dancing with her friends. She is also an outdoor enthusiast and especially loves hunting and lake days.

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