Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak has been committed to changing lives through the development, production, and distribution of cutting-edge hearing solutions since its founding in 1947, investing over 70 years of research and innovation, striving for superior quality and unparalleled precision and reliability, into continuously enhancing their product offering. Phonak forests include:

  • 1967 – Visaton Super, a pair of glasses with integrated hearing aids
  • 1970 – The world’s first BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid (Phonette)
  • 1979 – Development of audio input that became the foundation for FM hearing devices
  • 1992 – The first digitally programmed hearing aid with an analogue processor
  • 1994 – The first multi-microphone concept
  • 1996 – The first tiny FM receiver, MicroLink
  • 1999 – The first digital hearing system with FM receiver
  • 2003 – Bluetooth integration technology, leading to the development of bionic systems like Binaural VoiceStream Technology
  • 2008 – Water-resistant housings, leading to the development of the world’s first extended wear hearing product
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Phonak’s Sound Processing

Traditional hearing aid solutions with enhanced digital performance, crisper sound clarity, the capacity to cancel background noise, and sound therapy features to help with tinnitus management are all available from Phonak.

Phonak hearing aids have the exclusive capacity to stream the full audio bandwidth in real-time and bi-directionally for improved sound quality while AI allows your hearing aids to recognize and automatically adapt to more listening situations than ever before.

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Features of Phonak Hearing Aids

Android and iPhone connectivity as well as the capacity to link to numerous Bluetooth compatible digital devices from your hearing aids, allowing pairing for up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices while two can be simultaneously connected, are means of providing Phonak users with a seamless listening experience.

Additional innovations include integrated tinnitus management, advanced battery charging capabilities, improved connectivity, and the capacity to control and personalize sound quality, multifunctionality, and remote support by using the myPhonak app, facilitating improved device support and programming from a remote location.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care at Upstate Hearing

Phonak hearing aids are one of the advanced technology solutions used by our audiologists at Upstate Hearing Aid Center, but no device, no matter how advanced, will replace you as the primary focus of the hearing care we provide.

Beginning with highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessments to identify your specific hearing challenges, our doctors of audiology are able to guide you through the process of selecting the hearing aid that addresses your specific hearing needs as well as take your personal preferences and budget parameters into account.

Fitting you with advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, such as Phonak, ReSound, Signia, and more, is just the beginning of the ongoing counseling, technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair necessary to help you hear better as well as enjoy an active, independent lifestyle.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a hearing challenge or you need some help from one of our hearing aid technicians, submit the adjacent form in order to contact the most trusted hearing care clinic in Upstate South Carolina.

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Just knowing whether or not you’re experiencing hearing loss does not provide you with enough answers to determine the best treatment to restore hearing loss or prevent further damage to your hearing.

Our diagnostic hearing evaluation will identify the type and severity of hearing loss so we can customize a better hearing care plan to address your hearing.

Take your first step on the journey to better hearing by scheduling a hearing assessment today.

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