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A Personal Message from Daniel Hewson, Owner

Daniel Hewson,  M.S. Audiology/Owner and Cynthia Hewson, Practice Manager at Upstate Hearing Aid Center anager

Many people believe that the solution to a hearing loss is hearing aids.

Yet from helping thousands of people to hear the life that they love, we have learned that great hearing technology is only a small part of the process. The much more important component is working with the right team of experts that have helped countless others to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for.

At Upstate Hearing Aid Center, Dr. Wright, Dr. Cummins, and I follow a methodical process of nationally respected best practices that have been established over the past 25 years, bringing the highest level of audiological care to the Foothills and the surrounding area.

By dispelling the myths and misconceptions and delivering an honest educational approach to hearing health, you’ll be able to understand why you may be experiencing hearing challenges, what this means, and the real-world steps that you can take to hear the life that you love.

If you or a loved one is concerned about your hearing and you would like to work with a trusted team of experts, then it would be a pleasure to meet you and help you to achieve better hearing.

How We Can Help

Hearing expert performing hearing diagnosis

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

The Big Difference Between a Hearing Test and a Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

There’s no shortage of places to have a hearing test in today’s world, whether online or at your local big box store.

But in the same way that you wouldn’t trust the internet or a retail employee to diagnose a complex medical challenge, it’s important that your hearing is tested comprehensively to the highest of standards.

The problem with most hearing tests is they solely look for a granular answer to whether or not you have a hearing loss, yet by having a diagnostic hearing evaluation, you can look beyond whether you have a hearing loss and instead explore why you’re struggling to hear and what your options truly are.

Our primary focus is on how the brain is working as opposed to how you hear. Don’t get us wrong, our concern is hearing but the brain function is the most important component of what we focus on here at Upstate.

Our testing is therefore focused on not just you’re hearing but how can we help the brain to function more appropriately. It is our goal to verify what is really going on and achieve the highest standard of speech clarity and understanding through the highest standards of education.

A pair of hearing aids

Hearing Technology

Supporting You to Choose The Best Level of Hearing Technology for Your Unique Circumstances

With President Biden giving over-the-counter hearing devices the green light, it means that the options available to you are more diverse than ever before.

It’s why it’s more important than ever to work with a hearing professional to ensure that you make the best possible decision for your unique circumstances, level of hearing loss, and lifestyle.

At Upstate Hearing Aid Center, we partner with all major manufacturers and work closely with many of the over-the-counter brands to ensure that we’re able to help you to choose the best possible option for your needs.

Man suffering from tinnitus

Tinnitus Evaluations

Delivering Tinnitus Expertise in The Upstate

If you are experiencing tinnitus challenges, then it can be a lonesome journey with what feels like no end in sight. What makes matters worse is that if you’re like many of the people that visit us, you may have explored other options and be left feeling deflated that there’s no hope.

Our main focus with tinnitus is to figure out 3 things.

First, we are trying to determine the general location of the tinnitus by the testing and the results.

Second, we are trying to determine the general frequency or frequencies of the tinnitus.

Finally, we are trying to determine the loudness of the tinnitus and then with all of this information we can determine if we can help, but we need to do our due diligence in doing the testing to determine this.

If you or a loved one is experiencing tinnitus challenges and is looking for a team of experts to work with that has helped many others that were in a similar position to you, then you’re in the right place.

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Education and honesty are an integral part of our DNA.

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